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Elegant town house - Windsor, UK

Elegant town house - Windsor, UK

When it comes to creating a harmonious living space with open concept designs, the skillful hands of Tonic Interiors have truly mastered the art. In this project, they've seamlessly woven together the living room, dining area, and bedroom, forming a beautifully fluid space that's both light and inviting.


A Dash of Contemporary Luxury in the Dining Room

The open living area is graced by the presence of the Liberty Corner Sofa. This is no ordinary sofa; it's an invitation to linger and unwind. The clean lines and chic design allow it to blend seamlessly with the dining space while providing comfort and style that goes beyond expectations.

Products displayed in the image are Liberty Corner Sofa, Hayden Coffee Table, Erin ChairDuchess Dining Chair and Beatrice Dining Table.


Tonic Interiors' design magic is immediately apparent in the dining room. They've introduced the SM-London pieces, Duchess Dining Chair and Beatrice Dining Table embodying style and comfort.

Products displayed in the image are Duchess Dining Chair and Beatrice Dining Table.


A Tranquil Retreat in the Bedroom

Tonic Interiors have created a peaceful retreat in the bedroom using SM-London's furniture. The following pieces offer functionality and style that perfectly complements the room's light color palette:

The product displayed in the image is Martina Bed.


These choices provide elements of style and uniqueness to the entire design.

The result is a living space that is open, airy, and elegant while offering a great deal of functionality. It's a testament to Tonic Interiors' talent for creating harmony and SM-London's commitment to crafting furniture that enhances and elevates living spaces.

If you're inspired by this open concept design or any of the furniture pieces used in this project, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'd love to help you bring your own vision to life.

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