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Estepona,Spain project with Tonic interiors

Estepona,Spain project with Tonic interiors

At SM London, we take pride in creating exceptional bespoke furniture that reflects the unique style and vision of our clients. Our recent collaboration with Tonic Interiors in Estepona, Spain, allowed us to bring together our craftsmanship and creativity to transform a space into a luxurious yet functional haven. Situated in the heart of the beautiful coastal town of Estepona, this project presented an exciting opportunity to showcase our bespoke furniture and elevate the interior design of this stunning property.

Products displayed in the project are Henley Sofa, Madison Coffee Table and Madison SideTable.

Estapona Living Room

The living room served as the focal point of the project, and we had the pleasure of designing and crafting three exquisite Henley Sofas, enveloped in luxurious grey velvet. These sofas exuded comfort and sophistication, providing the perfect setting for relaxation and social gatherings. Complementing the sofas, our Madison Coffee Table and Madison Side Tables, featuring sleek metal legs, added a touch of contemporary elegance to the space. The seamless integration of these bespoke pieces created a harmonious and inviting atmosphere in the living room, setting the tone for the entire residence.

Products displayed in the project are Henley Sofa, Madison Coffee Table and Madison SideTable.

In the back of the room, our meticulously crafted Harrow Bookcase added both functionality and aesthetic appeal. This bespoke piece seamlessly combined ample storage with a visually striking design, offering the perfect showcase for the client's collection of books, art, and decorative items. Additionally, on the side of the living room, Wilson Sideboard with our Raegan Rectangular Dining Table, surrounded by Milano Dining Chairs, provided a stylish and comfortable space for intimate dining experiences. The sleek and modern design of the dining set added a touch of sophistication to the room, while ensuring both form and function were seamlessly integrated.

Products displayed in the project are Harrow BookcaseWilson SideboardRaegan Rectangular Dining Table and Milano Dining Chair.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom, a spacious retreat within the residence, presented an opportunity to create a space of unmatched luxury and sophistication. At the heart of the room stood the bespoke Finley Headboard, adorned with a wooden frame that exuded an air of opulence and refined taste. This meticulously crafted piece served as a stunning focal point, adding a touch of grandeur to the room while providing a sense of comfort and intimacy. Complementing the headboard, the Madrid Bed Base was a study in elegant simplicity, featuring a sleek wooden plinth that elevated the bed's design to new heights of sophistication. Together, the Finley Headboard and Madrid Bed Base formed the perfect union of style and comfort, creating a sanctuary for rest and relaxation.

Products displayed in the project are Finley HeadboardMadrid Bed BaseMonroe Bedside TableDexter Dofas and Marcus Ottoman.

Flanking the bed were two Monroe Bedside Tables, each a masterpiece of bespoke design that seamlessly integrated form and function. These elegant pieces not only provided convenient storage but also added a touch of refinement to the space. The choice of fumed oak for the joinery pieces lent a warm and inviting aura to the room, beautifully complementing the soothing taupe colors and creating a sense of harmony throughout the master bedroom.

Products displayed in the project are Finley HeadboardMadrid Bed BaseMonroe Bedside TableDexter Dofas and Marcus Ottoman.

In front of the bed, two Dexter Dofas faced each other, creating an inviting and intimate conversation area within the master bedroom. The addition of the Marcus Ottoman with a wooden bridge between the sofas provided a stylish and functional centerpiece, inviting relaxation and fostering moments of connection and repose. This thoughtful arrangement added a layer of sophistication to the space, making it a versatile area for unwinding or engaging in quiet reflection.

Our collaboration with Tonic Interiors in Estepona, Spain, exemplifies the artistry and attention to detail that define our bespoke furniture. From concept to creation, our team worked closely with the client to understand their vision and bring it to life through custom designs that reflected their unique style and preferences. By combining traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design sensibilities, we were able to deliver furniture that not only met but exceeded the client's expectations.

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