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  • The Windsor is a sleek and elegant headboard boasting a stunning show wood frame. The piece displays horizontal flutes of fabric to add an element of depth and luxury to your bedroom. The Windsor compliments any bed and is available in a variety of sizes.

  • Please choose your size and finishes to proceed with the order, we have included the Windsor sizing pdf for reference: Windsor Headboard.

    The image displayed displays our House Velvet Silver. For more information on fabric options or to discuss customization, please contact our sales team at or +44 020 3649 9967. You can also explore our collection fabrics and order free samples at Free Fabric Samples.

    Experience our augmented reality (AR) feature on your mobile device, allowing you to preview our latest product in your space with our cutting-edge 3D AR visualizer.

    All finishes available on the website are standard. If you want more options please enquire about our additional services.

  • Delivery time: 8-10 weeks.

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