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by Uultis
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The Fane armchair is a style that never goes away - nor do the finishes, which are leather and provide a unique design and a lot of comfort. In addition, the solid wood structure, the steel staples and the PVA glue provide strength and prevent creaking. With Fane this is how it is: regardless of the environment, it always stands out. The Fane armchair was created to be a highlight in the environment in which it is inserted, its unique design and the great comfort offered by the piece make it indispensable.


The Fane armchair has a solid wood structure. The product assembly has steel staples and PVA glue (suitable for wood), providing great resistance and avoiding creaking.
A minimum purchase of 4 units is required.


Covers according to Uultis fabric palette, including leather. Finishes: 079 - 148 - 145.

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