There are lots of specific items and designs that can be used as focal points and choosing something is largely down to personal taste. Size plays a crucial role in drawing the eye, but so does colour and shape. There are a number of ideas to explore such as;

Bookcases – This can be striking in the sense that it centres around becoming the ultimate fixture that brings the room together in a dynamic way. A bookcase mixed with the incorporation of understated ornaments amongst your favourite reading material can offer the perfect conversation starter. Classic bookcases in a modern room still offer a contemporary feel.

Fireplaces – A fireplace is the traditional focal point for living rooms as it creates a sense of warmth, even when unlit. Built in modern faux fireplaces can look incredible in the right setting whilst traditional brick or inglenook fireplaces create a traditional focal poi

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Abraham Hicks

Art – art works particularly well above a mantelpiece, over a bed or in a prominent position above furniture. A single large painting can speak volumes about a person and a place. Position your art at eye level or slightly above eye level for the best effect.

Antiques – in much the same way as art, an antique in a prominent position will draw the eye.


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